Pricing Structure

We believe in transparency.

At Champagne Law Firm, our strategy is to push a case quickly and ethically to maximize positive results for our clients. We believe in telling it like it is, and do not accept cases we are not prepared to take to trial.

In certain cases, we pursue claims on behalf of plaintiffs on a contingency basis. This payment option offers more flexibility for our clients and does not require payment up front. In defense cases, we also offer flat fee and hourly pricing options as well, depending on the case.

Fixed or Flat Fee

We work with you to determine a flat fee payable monthly or after specific phases of litigation. Each case is different, contact Champagne Law firm today to request a quote for your case.


Hourly billing is the standard for most business litigation cases. We will provide you a budget and a general range of the anticipated fees and costs for each phase of litigation. If the case goes to trial, we provide a predictable flat fee amount for the trial.

Hybrid Fee

If there is a reasonable chance of recovering damages, we accept select cases on a hybrid fee model. This means that we accept a reduced hourly or flat fee rate in exchange for a percentage of the total recovery when it’s collected. The minimum damages must be $150,000.

How is the cost of a case determined?

At Champagne Law Firm, we believe in transparent pricing. We accept litigation and trial cases on a fixed or flat fee, contingency or hourly basis so you know exactly how much it will cost.

We prefer to accept cases on a fixed or flat fee basis where we come up with a budget for the case. The fees are fixed based on the work we anticipate the case will require and are payable before each litigation phase. There is a decided advantage to understanding how much a case before we begin working for you.

In some instances we may accept a case on a hybrid/contingency fee basis if there is a prevailing party attorney’s fee provision in a contract or statute. Certain claims brought under the U.S. Constitution and federal law may allow for recovery of attorney’s fees, depending on the circumstances.

In some instances, there are attorney’s fees that are payable by the opposing party. Some federal and state statutes also award attorney’s fees to the winning party. If this is the situation in your case, you may have to pay significantly less or nothing for the work we do on your case.

Contact Champagne Law Firm to discuss your case and request a quote.