Martin J.
Champagne, Jr.

Martin J.
Champagne, Jr.

All my life, I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer.

Growing up, my grandfather drove a bread truck and my father owned a small carpet cleaning business. Through them, I witnessed firsthand how hard work and common sense influence the success of a small business. From an early age, lawyers captured my imagination as the equalizing forces in our society, giving a voice to those who otherwise would not be heard. Coming from a small town in New Hampshire, I had never even met a lawyer until my first day of law school.

For years after graduating from law school, I represented Fortune 500 companies, large corporations and some of the biggest insurance companies in the country through litigation and trial. My experience in litigating cases for these large companies is that their business model depends on people giving in or giving up. Their strategy is to stall, create as many roadblocks as possible, and make settlement offers for a fraction of the value of the case.

“My firm is deeply rooted in representing clients I wholeheartedly believe in.”

Now, I own my practice and have the opportunity to work with small to medium-sized business owners and individuals, just like my father. My firm is deeply rooted in representing clients I wholeheartedly believe in. I believe every client deserves the utmost loyalty, honesty, and transparency from their lawyer.

I believe that every case is a collaborative partnership with my clients. I don't have all the answers and I value the thoughts and ideas from clients. My experience is that the best trial lawyers are the ones that know they can't do it by themselves. I frequently ask my 15-year-old niece for her thoughts on trial themes and voire dire questions (I am amazed at the things she comes up with that never occurred to me).


I believe client phone calls and emails should be returned the same day. I believe that clients should know the risks and rewards before launching into litigation. And, when circumstances change or newly discovered facts effect this analysis, clients should know right away. I also believe that clients should be aware of the different options going forward in litigation but ultimately it's my job to suggest the best option. I don't think clients should be subject to a multiple choice decision tree at every fork in the road leading up to trial. I believe that the risks and rewards of pursuing litigation and trial must be evaluated realistically.

“Truth - more precisely, an accurate understanding of reality - is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes.”  - Ray Dalio

Every case is a story. It needs to be told in the most compelling way possible to a jury or a judge. I am always looking for new and innovative ways to tell that story through technology. My first job out of college was in the computer industry and I've embraced technology ever since. Our office is entirely paperless. We can meet through video conference by Zoom. Clients are updated regularly through email, texts or secured communications. Legal research is done through the most advanced legal research platform available - it literally now takes minutes to research legal issues that previously took hours. This embrace of technology has made the practice much more efficient and effective.



We offer a 30-minute free consultation to determine if your legal matter is something we can help. If you contact us and it's clearly outside our practice area, we can usually refer you to another lawyer that might be able to help you. 

Yes. We represent clients throughout Colorado including Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Pueblo, Breckenridge, Aspen and Steamboat Springs. If you are far from our office in Denver, we can arrange for a telephone or video conference. For most cases, we only need to travel for depositions, mediation and trial, so distance is not a significant issue.

I represent select clients in Florida and I’m there every few months. I rarely take new cases in Florida unless there is some connection to Colorado or it’s for an existing client.

Yes. I am licensed in the U.S. District Court for Colorado; all the U.S. District Courts in Florida; the 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals; the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Unless you tell us otherwise, we will copy you on all correspondence and pleadings filed in your case. Our policy is to return phone calls and emails the same day. If we are in trial, someone from our office will call you back and let you know when we will be available to talk with you. 

Yes. We accept all major credit cards and electronic payments (except Bitcoin or other cyber-currency).

Yes, in almost all cases a retainer is required. Generally, the retainer is $6,500 - $7,500 although it could be more or less depending on the case. 

I’ve represented clients in hundreds of cases in litigation through trial in state and federal courts. I’ve had several multi-week jury trials; numerous week-long jury trials; and numerous bench (judge) trials. I’ve represented some of the largest companies in the country in litigation and I worked for a while as trial counsel for Nationwide Insurance Companies where my active litigated caseload was usually more than 100 cases at any given time.

No, I don't do this.

If you're calling me, you already negotiated and tried to resolve the dispute. In most cases, a lawyer has already been involved and you haven't come to an agreement. Another letter won't make a difference. In some instances, you're required to send a letter before filing a lawsuit and, of course, I will do that if it hasn't already been done. But, my practice is litigation and trial. I prosecute and defend lawsuits and see them to a conclusion. Sometimes that means a negotiated settlement and sometimes that means a jury verdict. If you need a lawyer to engage just in settlement negotiations and you don't intend to file a lawsuit, I can refer you to some lawyers. 

I will. However, if you need litigation financing we should talk about alternative fee arrangements. The interest on litigation financing can be significant. 

Yes and it's devastating. There are no guarantees at trial. Over the years, experience has taught me when things might be going south and it's time to resolve the case. It's ultimately up to the client to decide that. But, I have a feel when the best day in the life of a case is - sometimes it's at trial and sometimes it's at a mediation. You've got to know when it's your best day. 

I represent clients and cases I believe in. Because of this, the facts and the law are on our side. As much as possible, I believe in confronting and neutralizing bad facts; being open and honest with the jury; and presenting cases efficiently and creatively. I was a member of a jury once and I remember how boring it was – the courtroom is no place to lose your creativity and passion. This is pivotal to presenting an effective and compelling story to the jury.

Yes. I represent both plaintiffs and defendants.

Yes. Arbitrations are more streamlined bench trials with relaxed rules of evidence and discovery. I’ve represented clients in several arbitrations.

Maybe. Many types of cases fall under the subject of business and commercial litigation and there are too many to provide an exhaustive list. For instance, there can be certain constitutional claims involving businesses. I’ve litigated these cases. If it’s related to business or commercial litigation, it’s probably something I’ve done and would be interested in exploring with you.

The Verdict.

It's the hero's journey. Paul Newman fights against elitist big firm lawyers, a corrupt establishment defendant, and a judge that does everything to torpedo his case. In the end, a jury delivers the redemption he didn't think was possible. It's a story that is uniquely American - a jury comprised of ordinary citizens delivering extraordinary justice. It's something I still believe is possible and it inspires me.

Yes. All dogs are welcome. Just let me know in advance and I will have an extra bowl of water ready. My all black German Shepherd, Oso, recently passed away. He traveled with me to 23 states, swam in the Atlantic and the Pacific, chased down a horse in South Dakota, and spent countless nights gazing into the distance while we camped in the mountains. I miss him terribly. I recently adopted a German Shepard/Belgian Malinois named Sebastian. He’s on the wild side and he has an adventurous spirit just like Oso.

No. My practice is limited to litigating bringing to trial business and commercial lawsuits. But, if you send me an email, I can give you a couple names of some very good lawyers that can help you with these types of things.

You really don't. My office is completely paperless. All documents can be signed electronically. I use a client portal where we can exchange documents. We can meet by Zoom video conference or by phone. Most depositions are now held by video conference. If we go to trial, you will need to attend in person. My office has been set up this way for almost 15 years, so it's relatively seamless.  

Yes. Justice Gorsuch and I both ride our bike to work everyday. Although my ride is about 2-miles compared to Gorsuch's 17-mile ride.

Admitted to Practice

U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit
U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit
U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida
U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida
The Colorado Supreme Court
All Appellate and Trial Courts in Colorado
The Supreme Court of Florida
All Appellate and Trial Courts in Florida

Bar Associations

The American Bar Association
The Colorado Bar Association
The Denver Bar Association
The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
The Florida Bar Association



Board of Directors, Metro Volunteer Lawyers, Vice Chair, 2023-24
Past Chair, Modern Law Practice Initiative, Colorado Bar Assn.
Pro Bono Attorney, Metro Volunteer Lawyers
Pro Bono Attorney, Colorado Federal Pro Se Clinic
Colorado Bar Association Leadership Training, Class of 2022
Super Lawyers, 2024


University of Florida College of Law
J.D., with honors, 2001

Keene State College
B.A. in English, 1994