Your Solution for Business Litigation & Trial

Your Solution for Business Litigation, Trial & Appeals

We believe in trust and transparency.

Champagne Law Firm represents small to medium sized businesses and individuals in litigation and trial in Colorado and Florida. We believe the practice of law requires precision, a thorough understanding of the facts, and the ability to articulate a position effectively and forcefully. We believe every client and every case deserves nothing less.

Business Litigation & Trial

We focus on resolving business and commercial related disputes involving loss or harm suffered by businesses, their owners and individuals. We represent businesses, owners and shareholders in contract and tort claims in state and federal trial and appellate courts.

The Lawyer Ledger

Should I File a Lawsuit?

Should I file a lawsuit? My entire practice is filing and defending business and commercial lawsuits. So, I get this…

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Attorney’s Fees for the Wrong of Another

Most states, including Colorado, follow the American Rule when it comes to awarding attorney’s fees. This means that attorney’s fees…

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When Out of State Companies Can’t Sue in Colorado

There is a scenario where an out of state company can’t sue in in Colorado. Colorado law prohibits an out…

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Meet Martin

Martin J. Champagne, Jr., the founder of Champagne Law Firm, has litigated and brought to trial numerous cases over the past 17 years. He believes the impact of our justice system is best demonstrated when an ordinary individual or business owner can hold the powerful accountable. As an attorney, Martin makes it his mission to provide honesty, transparency, and equal representation to all his clients.