Business Litigation & Trial

We focus on litigation and trial of claims brought on behalf of businesses and individuals in areas including:

• Breach of contract
• Shareholder and partnership disputes
• Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
• Theft of Trade Secrets
• Tortious Interference
• Fraud
• Other Business Torts

We accept a select number of cases on contingency fee basis and mixed contingency/hourly agreements. We have handled numerous litigated cases on behalf of small businesses and individuals throughout the state of Florida and Colorado.

Recent results include:

  • Trial on securities valuation claim brought by one of the founding members and former officer of a national closely-held company. The plaintiff’s attorney claimed a valuation of plaintiff’s shares of more than $3M but we successfully established that her shares should be valued at approximately 20% of that value. The case subsequently settled while on appeal.
  • Arbitration on the enforceability of a non-compete clause in a contract between two companies that were previously business partners. We successfully argued at the arbitration that the non-compete provision was a valid and enforceable restraint of trade and that the company was therefore restricted from competing with our client.
  • Trial on various claims and counter-claims regarding allegations of breach of contract and fraud between former business partners regarding a multi-million-dollar luxury real estate development. After a 2-week trial, the jury returned a $4.2M verdict in favor of our client. The case is currently on appeal.

While every case is different, there may be applicable contractual and statutory provisions that allow for the recovery of attorneys’ fees and costs to the prevailing party in certain business disputes. Therefore, we accept a select number of these types of cases on a mixed flat fee/contingency or contingency fee basis. Colorado law allows for the recovery of attorneys’ fees and costs when a named insured or beneficiary prevails in an action against their own insurance company. We therefore will usually represent clients in insurance denials on a contingency fee basis.